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Hintertux Video Processing

Saturday, June 7th, 2008

Well, this is crazy. We are back from Hintertux and now its time to start processing the video. My new Helmet cam means that I have loads of footage. 57Gb of raw dv files.

I have started watching the clips and chopping them up into little clips in Cinelerra. Its really a very good application. In my opinion its better than most. The motion tracking and stabilisation is really good.

download hard boiled online download bug s life a movie I did have one problem and it didn’t really like using the XVID AVI files which my helmet camera made so I converted all the files to raw DV files. I used ffmpeg to do this.

fairytale a true story dvdffmpeg -i video.avi -target pal-dv video.dv

I’ve been processing for days already and I still haven’t processed half of the footage.

Lightest Snowboard

Friday, June 6th, 2008

Well its finally happened. My Burton custom (from 2000) needs replacing.

I’ve been looking for a new snowboard for our trip to Les Arcs next year. I really want to get the lightest board I can afford. Sounds simple? No.

For some very strange reason the websites for snowboards (burton, ride, gnu etc) dont say how heavy their boards actually are. They say how heavy the rider can be, but not how heavy the board is.

I’m not sure the weight of the board really makes a difference, but if it doesn’t why do manufactures keep trying to make boards lighter?

I think of getting a Burton Vapor but I thought I better find out more about it. Its a lot of money.

harriet the spy online download

download wuthering heights

Burton Vapor 163 W 2008

I read some reviews

Everyone says its very good board but expensive.