More Gimp Rendered Flame Backgrounds

Well I spent some time at the weekend making some more flame backgrounds. I use the gimp render flame plugin to make these high definition fractal desktop wallpapers.

All these are hi-res png files 1600×1280 in size.

watch mighty aphrodite online

Dont forget there are more at the gallery

5 Responses to “More Gimp Rendered Flame Backgrounds”

  1. Pete Says:

    Hi, these images are amazing, I was wondering if I could use one as a background for my university project, obviously with a reference.

  2. neilwightman Says:


    Yeah feel free, as long as you include a reference somewhere.


  3. Mack Says:

    wow, how did you do this on Gimp?, i want to try make my own but in green 🙂

  4. Neil Wightman Says:

    Take a look at

  5. Mack Says:

    oh ok thanks

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