Helmet Cam

Well I suppose I could get more than a Rubiks Cube for my birthday.

I have been looking at getting a helmet cam for when I go snowboarding in Hintertux.

The good complete systems are quite expensive, around 800 Euros for a good one, then I need a helmet too, they cost around 40 Euros.

The Elmo SUV


Elmo SUV @ Vegaoptics



VIO POV 1 @ Vegaoptics

I now wish I had bought a better camcorder when I did last year, then I could just get the helmet cam and connect it in, but my DCR-HC37 doesnt have audio or video input.

I think I’ll have to make do with my current camcorder this year, its not even 1 year old yet, at least I’ll have my Rubiks cube.

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  1. Alec Says:


    ok, so i just ordered the new VholdR helmet cam from Twenty20, and it doesn’t require a separate camcorder at all, so you could just completely skip over having to buy a new one. I’ve been using it for snowboarding, and all I have to do is put the mount on my helmet, then I’m set for the day. No wires, no separate pieces, everything comes together in one package. it might be worth checking out if you want a REAL birthday present!

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