Hintertux Video Processing

Well, this is crazy. We are back from Hintertux and now its time to start processing the video. My new Helmet cam means that I have loads of footage. 57Gb of raw dv files.

I have started watching the clips and chopping them up into little clips in Cinelerra. Its really a very good application. In my opinion its better than most. The motion tracking and stabilisation is really good.

download hard boiled online download bug s life a movie I did have one problem and it didn’t really like using the XVID AVI files which my helmet camera made so I converted all the files to raw DV files. I used ffmpeg to do this.

fairytale a true story dvdffmpeg -i video.avi -target pal-dv video.dv

I’ve been processing for days already and I still haven’t processed half of the footage.

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  1. Coz Says:

    Faster Faster Faster!

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