Home and End key with rxvt

I use cygwins rxvt at work and have had problems with the End and Home key not working.

I also had the same issue at home using rxvt-unicode on gentoo.

After lots of search last night I finally found the fix for urxvt.

Simply add this to your ~/.inputrc file

# home and end keys for rxvt

I then tried this at work this morning and found it works on cygwins rxvt too.

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  1. testor Says:

    thanks so much. issues like this are so hard to come a solution up for. does that sentence make sense? nevermind. kudos

  2. Martin Says:

    Rather forcing the codes try the solution here in Arch’s wiki:

    I was having the same issue (found a post on #!’s forum that led here) because the terminal name was set incorrectly in ~/Xdefaults:
    URxvt*termName: screen-256color

    The right value should be:
    URxvt*termName: rxvt-unicode


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