VW Golf does 82mpg

Well this morning Steve actually worked out how many MPG our 11 year old A4 gets. Roughly its around 25mpg. Not great, but not bad either. The wikipedia page for the A4 says the new cars only do around 30 mpg. This new VW Gold gets 82 mpg. If it has the same petrol tank size as my car, it would do around 2000km on a 60 litre tank. Thats just crazy! 🙂

82 miles per gallon = 34.861784 km/litre
60 litres * 34.8 km/litre = 2088 km

I’m not sure I would buy a hybrid car though, they may be more fuel efficient, but that does not mean they are that good for the environment.

You have to remember batteries and plastics are very bad for the environment and in the total lifetime of the car, the environmental impact of the manufacturing and disposal of the car are often ignored.

If you want to know the best car for CO2 production then the telegraph has this story about C02 production in current cars.

I’d be very interested to find out how environmentally friendly old cars are. I know they don’t do 50 + mpg but they were mainly steel and wood, both easy to reuse.

You may want to read article too. Its called END-OF-LIFE VEHICLES: A THREAT TO THE ENVIRONMENT.

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