Fluxbox 1.0.0 for cygwin

I have built fluxbox for cygwin and tested it on 2 PCs now. I felt I should share it. Heres how to install it.

Firstly you should install cygwin and xorg-base for

Download the fluxbox 1.0.0 tar bz2 file and extract the file into cygwins root.

tar -xvjf fluxbox-1.0.0.tar.bz2 -C /

Now add fluxbox to your ~/.xinitrc file. Mine contains just the one line


Dont forget to ensure the defaultserverargs value in the /usr/X11R6/bin/startx file doesnt have the multiwindow argument. I.e change the line

defaultserverargs="-multiwindow -clipboard"



download knockaround guyYou should get something like this once you run startx

7 Responses to “Fluxbox 1.0.0 for cygwin”

  1. w Says:

    worked! thx for the effort.

  2. chetang Says:

    fluxbox v1.1.1 is released.

    on cygwin?

  3. Neil Wightman Says:

    Currently I haven’t tried fluxbox 1.1.1 yet.

    I will be on holiday for the next few weeks so I will not get a chance soon.

    I will write a note to take a look when I get back though.

  4. Cavalier Says:

    Thanks for the good job done.

  5. lucas ramage Says:

    hey im a bit of a noob when it comes to linux. I got to the part where i have to add it to my ~/.xinitrc file and i can’t find that file.

  6. Neil Wightman Says:

    If it doesnt exist then you can create it and add the line

  7. lucas ramage Says:

    now it said that cygXrandr-2.dll was missing?

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