kde mouse for Windows

I normally use Linux as my main operating system but have to use Windows boxes at work.   I hate how you have to resize windows on Windows.  You have to click them 5 few pixels in the bottom right of the Window.

Under most Linux window managers you can press Alt-Right click and resize the window that way.

I really missed this on Windows and would keep trying to do it only to see context menus appear.

I finally found kde-mouse.exe (198k).  I cannot remember where and the website appears to have vanished.

I know of the following commands

  • Alt + Left Mouse Button: Drag to move a window.
  • Alt + Right Mouse Button: Drag to resize a window.
  • Double-Alt + Left Mouse Button : Minimize a window.
  • Double-Alt + Right Mouse Button: Maximize/Restore a window.
  • Double-Alt + Middle Mouse Button : Close a window.

Simply download the exe and drop into your Startup directory.


C:\Document And Settings\<username>\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

I have just 1 problem with kde-mouse though.  It does not work over Remote Desktop.  I constantly resize the main Remote Desktop window instead of the windows inside it.   Its only a small issue though 🙂   Kde-mouse is still amazing.

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  1. Odd Beck Says:

    Maybe you found it here?

    It has the same issues over RDP i’m afraid.

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