More Gimp Flame Render Backgrounds

Welll I finally got some time to make some more backgrounds.

I created two which I really like


Both are 1600×1280. Dont forget to look at the others here and the complete gallery here

I also added them to deviantart, here and here respectfully.

3 Responses to “More Gimp Flame Render Backgrounds”

  1. Michael Says:

    Love em both, used emfor a bunch of things like msn and facebook

  2. Ray Perry Says:

    I REALLY like these! If I may, I’d like to use these for the cover of one of my books that I’m writing! Is that okay?

  3. editnation Says:

    These are really beautiful. I would really like to use these for my motion graphics / video editing blog….is that ok with you? I would be happy to reciprocate with a link once I’m up. I’m not new to writing but new to blogging and I think that this would be a great visual for the site. I’m a long time film editor and after effects expert moving on to online pastures. Hit me with an email either way.

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