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Cygwin .Xresources for rxvt.

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

I dont actually like the default colors for rxvt.   So I thought there may be more people who dont like it either.

Here is my .Xresources I use for my cygwin rxvt executable.

rxvt.font:            Lucida Console-14
rxvt.scrollBar:       True
rxvt.scrollBar_right: True
rxvt.visualBell:      True
rxvt.loginShell:      True
rxvt.geometry:        140x25
rxvt.background:      Black
rxvt.foreground:      White
rxvt.cursorColor:     Green
rxvt.cursorColor1:    Pink
rxvt.colorBD:         Red
rxvt.colorUL:         Yellow
rxvt.saveLines:       200

! My custom colors
rxvt*color0:    #000000
rxvt*color1:    #FF2020
rxvt*color2:    #20FF20
rxvt*color3:    #FFFF00
rxvt*color4:    #4040FF
rxvt*color5:    #A800A8
rxvt*color6:    #00A8A8
rxvt*color7:    #D8D8D8
rxvt*color8:    #000000
rxvt*color9:    #FF2020
rxvt*color10:   #20FF20
rxvt*color11:   #FFFF00
rxvt*color12:   #4040FF
rxvt*color13:   #A800A8
rxvt*color14:   #00A8A8
rxvt*color15:   #D8D8D8

This is what it looks like

Cygwin Custom Colors persuasion movie

Using subversion from behind a proxy (HTTPS)

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Subversion can be used from behind a proxy quiet easily.

Go to either (Windows)

sideways online download %APPDATA%\Subversion

or (Linux)


watch nomad online and edit the servers file.

You need to have a entry like this in the file.

http-proxy-host =
http-proxy-port = 9999

Now you can connect out to external subversion servers.
You may need to read about (and set) the http-proxy-exceptions variable if you have internal and external servers.

There is also a

  • http-proxy-password
  • http-proxy-username

variable which may need to be set if your proxy requires authentication.