Python timing decorator

I have been using python as my main scripting language for some time, but recently I wanted to profile some of my scripts to see why it was taking so long.

I looked at the python profiler but I keep looking for some reason.

Finally I found this code snippet (I don’t remember from where, maybe here one night at mccool s online )

You can use python @ decorator to wrap functions with timing metrics.

def print_timing(func):
  def wrapper(*arg):
    t1 = time.time()
    res = func(*arg)
    t2 = time.time()
    print '%s took %0.3f ms' % (func.func_name, (t2-t1)*1000.0)
    return res
  return wrapper

Then simply use like this

def some_func(n):
    //do work

This allows lots of control as you can put metrics on 1 or more functions.

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