just 4 kidz – up and running

After quite a lot of effort and illnesses, which caused many lost weeks of work, is up and running and taking orders.

Its a website my brother and his girlfriend are running to sell great children’s clothes at great prices.

I’m sure I never had anything like this Thomas The Tank Engine jeans when I was young and I think I have seen Sam wearing a T-Shirt like the Spider Man T-Shirt.

Steve was the great artist who came up with the logo.  Its a bit over the top but they wanted the website to be bright.  Its simply a combination of 3 images from merged together in Inkscape.

The original website they were given looked like something from the 90s with anim gifs and flash everywhere.

They had flash images on the page which were the main menus links, unfortunately each one opened a different named target (i.e new tab/browser) 🙁

I have no idea how people can get away will doing such rubbish.

I now want to add a simple admin section for my brother to add new items and remove items when they are out of stock, but this shouldn’t take long now.  Then I shouldn’t have to do anything too it again.

I also had to fix a lightbox problem because of the length of the page.  E.g on the Dungarees page.  You can see my previous post here.

I think the items need more close up images of the childrens logos too.  Like on the thomas the tank engine jeans, they should have a close up of thomas logo.

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