3 new gimp flame backgrounds

I got some spare time this weekend and decided to make some more hi-res background wallpapers.  I use gimps flame render filter to generate the images.  A good tutorial can be found here.

The first one I created was a very simple wispy orange and white fractal pattern on a black background.

Yellow and white wispy background wallpaper

The second one is actually 3 different fractal flame patterns layered over each other.

A yellow and white flame rendered background wallpaper

The third is 1 fractal pattern layered 3 times where each layer is scaled slightly.

3 layers of a single yellow sweep render as a ideal background wallpaper

There are more of my background wallpapers here.

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One Response to “3 new gimp flame backgrounds”

  1. Ben Cracknell Says:

    Hi Neil,

    I really like your gimp flame backgrounds, and would like to use one for the background on a technical journal I’m designing the cover for.

    In return there sadly is no money incentive! I could put a credit on for you and send you a copy of the journal for your mantelpiece.

    It may not sound like much but Book designers don’t get paid as well as graphic designers!

    I’ve asked the publisher to confirm they are happy to send copies, and to put a credit on for you (They should be!), I’ve also asked for extra money, but they will likely say no. If they do agree to pay I’ll, of course, pass it straight to you.

    The particular image is: messy middle cyan 1600×1280.png

    Hope to hear from you soon.



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